EX MACHINA Kunst & Maschine

Oct 22, 2020 - Jan 17, 2021




EX MACHINA Art & Machine
22.10.20 - 17.01.21

Thu–Fri: 10 am–6 pm
Sat, Sun: 11 am–7 pm


The exhibition series EX MACHINA deals with the many aspects of the interrelationship between art and machines. The first presentation shows works by Clemens Fürtler and Peter William Holden.

A robot guides visitors through the exhibition.



Fürtler's sculpture, Tower of Babel, is not only a symbol of human hubris, but also a machine that creates images. Constructed from model railway parts and model houses, equipped with quadricycles, the apparatus projects its structure onto the surrounding walls. The shadow architecture moves in the room and grows into a monumental tower. In collaboration with MORITZ FRIEDEL, Fürtler has developed a method of recording the projections directly on photographic paper. A camera is not needed; the photograms are direct imprints of light and shadow on light-sensitive paper. The artists take over the role of the machine operator, who controls exposure times and light intensity.

A robot guides visitors through the exhibition.

Turm zu Babel (Bildmaschine 08), 2018
Märklin-Schienen, Faller-Modellhäuser, Lokomotiven, LEDs, Metall, Holz
Photo: Christian Vogel



The fascinating spectacle of raindrops dancing on the surface of water and triggering a choreography of concentric rings inspired Peter William Holden to create his work. His machine, Concentricity, reproduces this experience using technical means and integrates the sound of the raindrops into a rhythmic play of movement and sound, triggered by the viewer stepping into the headlight of the apparatus. Holden fuses computer technology and elements of robotics into kinetic sculptures, into machines whose technical appearance stands in stark contrast to their dreamy, romantic performances, and whose dance elements are influenced by film musicals of the 1950s.

A robot guides visitors through the exhibition.

Concentricity, choreographic installation
Materials: Water, Steel, Plastic Bottles, Solenoid Valves, Computer, Hypodermic Needles, Tubing, Aluminum Dishes, Membrane Pump.
Photo: Peter William Holden