The Art of Towers
Opening: 13 June 2013
daily 10.00 am – 9.00 pm

The major summer exhibitions remain a fixed component and catalyst in the extensive cultural and art education program in the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter. With the new "Thrill of the Heights" exhibition HÖHENRAUSCH.3 – The Art of Towers we again place new perspectives and accents high above the roofs of Linz, tying into the success of previous years.

Fotografie Kastner: Höhenrausch.3 Panorama-Tour, Tag

Fotografie Kastner: Höhenrausch.3 Panorama-Tour, Nacht

The Art of Towers

The central feature of HÖHENRAUSCH.3 is the redesign of the rooftop pathway: the path across the roofs is expanded by a vertical axis. Towers add architectural accents to the bridges. The main Attraction and landmark of HÖHENRAUSCH.3 is the 30-meter-high "Upper Austria Observation Tower" made of fir wood, erected over the elevator shaft of the parking garage.

Two 30-meter-high, modern "Energy Towers" are set up in the OK Square. A manipulation of the steel skeleton gives them a sculptural quality. The useful towers are turned into a "playing piece", and the covered set-up area is turned into a place for visitors to linger.

Instead of the lookout over the main shopping street Landstrasse – a main feature of the roof bridge since 2009 – a 15-meter-high "Bamboo Tower" is erected by the Taiwanese artist Wen Chih Wang. In contrast to the soaring observation tower, a contemplative, inward-looking, light-flooded space is created from woven bamboo.

The "Sacral Towers" of the Ursuline Church are also integrated in the exhibition course. As in the past year, they are accessible via wooden bridges.

Ascending through art

The ascent to HÖHENRAUSCH.3 leads through art. Along the way through the OK-Center, visitors find more than twenty outstanding examples of contemporary art, collected from the most renowned biennials, from Venice to Sao Paulo. For Höhenrausch visitors, this selection of art, this "Biennale Cuvée", offers a unique opportunity to become acquainted with the unbounded vitality and the sensuous quality of contemporary art.