Hund & Horn - OK Artist in Residence

Apr 12, 2011 - Apr 17, 2011




A project of CROSSING EUROPE Filmfestival Linz and OK "Offenes Kulturhaus".

On the surface, Apnoe describes a day in the life of a family. Yet the protagonists have considerable difficulty in coping with their everyday life. confronted with no gravity, the family ensemble becomes unstable and the hierarchical structure begins to dissolve.

Apnoe is the third part of a “gravity trilogy“. In their films, Hund & Horn ereduce spatial conditions and the notion of normality joyfully and wryly to absurdity.

Wed April 13 , 7 p.m., Moviemento 3

HUND & HORN: Apnoe, 2010/2011
Director, Editor, Producer, Script: Harald Hund
Sets, Costumes: Paul Horn
Camera: Viktor Schaider
Sound: Andreas Berger, Andreas Hamza
Production Director: Roland Hablesreiter

Harald Hund (born in Grieskirchen in 1967) and Paul Horn (born in Amstetten in 1966) live in Vienna and have been working together for several years in the field of video and film.

Green Girl (1996, music video for PLANET E (AT), 6’40)
Warm Humans (1998, music video for LE CAR (US), 3’)
Tomatenköpfe (2002, 5’40)
Habibi Kebab (2003, 12’)
Dropping Furniture (2008, 5’30)
Mouse Palace (2010, 11‘)
Apnoe (2011)

Emma Pad (1995, musik video for PLANET E (AT), found footage, 5’)
Gorilla Will Fressen (1999, animation, 3’)
Urlaub (2000, animation, 3’30)
Dackel Du (2001, 6’40)
Villalog – Red Planet (2004, animation, 4’30)
All People Is Plastic (2005, animation, 11’)
My Favourite Actors 1 (2006, animation, 1’30)
My Favourite Actors 2 (2007, animation, 1’)