NEXTCOMIC-Festival 2011

Mar 04, 2011 - Mar 11, 2011
04:00 PM - 07:00 PM


Nextcomic Corner

Accompanying events



In 14 Locations in Linz, Wels & Gmunden
March 4 - 11 2011

Opening: Fr., March 04 2011, 4 p.m. at OK & Moviemento

Comics have become established as an art form of their own in recent years, also in this part of the world. Films based on comics are highly popular, graphic novels are conquering literature departments, and feature supplements appear in newspapers.

Manga and Manwha illustrators are constantly creating new image worlds, cartoonists and visual artists are working on the new aesthetics of game design.

NEXTCOMIC 2011 is devoted to the question of comics in the most diverse media and of media in comics – comics in relation to design, fashion, literature and animation.

The OK “Offenes Kulturhaus” is the festival center and location for the Next Comic exchange, in addition to showing the special exhibition OK| PAPER TOYS.

NEXTCOMICThe OK thus takes a further step in increasingly including this internationally active movement in the field of comics in the program of art institutions.

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