OK | ARTIST: Henrique Oliveira

  • Henrique Oliveira /BR

Mar 17, 2012 - Oct 06, 2012



Something apparently organic seems to be sprawling out of the foyer of the Ursulinenhof in the OK Square. This is actually a gigantic installation by the Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira, which takes over the entrance area and the interior and turns it inside out. The surface of the walk-in labyrinthine structure consists of splintered, thin pieces of wood like those that seem to detach themselves all over Sao Paolo from the widespread plywood building fences. The artist’s installations, which he calls "Tridimensional", detach themselves from the wall and enter into the spatial, moving in the painterly quality of the warm colored pieces of wood between sculpture, painting and architecture.

Oliveira will be working on site as OK Artist in Residence beginning in February and offering insights into his manner of working in guided tours.

His first major solo exhibition in Europe will also be accompanied by the first catalogue about his entire oeuvre, published by Folio.