OK | FRIENDS & ENERGIE AG: Traumstipendium 2013 - Elisabeth Falkinger

Jun 18, 2013


Außenstelle PowerTower

  • Manuela Gruber
    Kunstvermittlung / Führungen (Leitung)
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Dream Scholarship

Elisabeth Falkinger has been awarded the Dream Scholarship 2013 for the project “With a Tractor from Theresiental (Ukraine) to Upper Austria”! Statement of the Jury:

Elisabeth Falkinger’s project “With a Tractor from Theresiental (Ukraine) to Upper Austria” convinced the jury with its poetic and social-political dimension. Of the 45 entries, this project most convincingly addressed the journey as destination. A journey connects places, often as quickly as possible. Falkinger counters this conventional economy of time and effort with her journey, disrupting the notion of space as a “Euclidean box of space” connected by points.