OK | LABOR Vorlesung - Sommersemester 2014

Mar 18, 2014 - Apr 29, 2014



OK Labor is an exhibition series, in which artists are invited to work experimentally on site. The OK has been transformed from the atelier house founded in the late 1980s into an international exhibition venue and festival center. With recourse to the original identity of artist- and production-oriented work with a focus on media art and installations, our joy in transforming spaces and using unusual places remains unbroken – and may also be contagious.

We not only show art, though, we also talk about it. In cooperation with the Art University (teacher training for art education and media design, visual art – painting, media theory, architecture & urbanism) we offer “workshop discussions”, in which invited artists present their work on site and provide insights into their production and mode of working. In addition, we also invite international experts from contemporary exhibition and art production and conduct exciting discourses with cultural theorists.

Tue 18. March 2014
Nychos (Rabbit Eye Movement), NEXTCOMIC Festival
Further informations are following soon!

Tue 29. April 2014, 7.00 p.m., OK, Großer Saal
Fernando Sánchez Castillo, OK Labor Artist in Residence
Further informations are following soon!