Nov 30, 2019 - Mar 29, 2020


Glaskubus, UNTEN, Gaudimax



Due to the ordinance on the corona virus, the exhibition SPIELWERK closed early. We ask for your understanding!

30 November 2019 to 28 March 2020

Because it’s incredible what light can do! Tiny things can seem gigantic, and big shadows can seem very small.

Opening: 29. November 2019, 4 p.m., Ursulinenhof

Curator: Katharina Lackner
Creativteam: Manuela Gruber, Michael Weingärtner

Opening hours: 
Thursday–Sunday: 9.30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m. 

Entrance fees:
2,50 Euro per person
2,– Euro with OÖ Familycard
Seasonal Ticket 20,– Euro (with OÖ Familycard 17,50 Euro)


Perceptual training, spatial investigation using light, color, shadows, and images – these are the tools in the creative workshop. The participants use them to create their own exciting scenarios, transforming the room and the glass facade into an aquarium, an ice cave, or a book of fairy tales ... Downstairs is the “darkroom,” an exhibition of marvels that hone viewers’ perceptual capabilities. The artworks captivate us with a world where fairy tales merge, shadow figures create illusions, and seemingly enchanted objects are always in motion even though they are standing still. It’s all about the magic of light. The Gaudimax is also open to visitors, offering them a topsy-turvy environment that they can explore at will.


A darkroom is usually totally dark, with only a special kind of light making things visible.The rooms in the exhibition are likewise dark. So everyone gets a flashlight that lets them see and explore things on their own. With the flashlight you can find out which things need more light, and also where shining a light on things actually makes them harder to see.

Henrik Schrat/DE, Lizete Upīte/ LV, Manon Labrecque/ CA, Tobias Dostal/DE, Adriane Wachholz/DE






The artistically designed topography of mountains, gorges, caves, and plains loudly beckons visitors to play. They can freely make their way across the soft, hard, or slippery slopes and straightaways dispersed throughout the room, whether they choose to build, roll around, slide, play hide & seek, or climb the Guckindieluftturm tower and look up at the clouds.

The Gaudimax was first created in 2017 for the exhibition SINNESRAUSCH: ALICE verdrehte Welt and has been steadily expanded as a popular attraction offering people a chance to explore space.

Sam Bunn tested the Gaudimax in advance: in his site-specific videos and objects, he explores all that the space and ball can do.

His interventions can be found in the Guckindieluftturm tower.
He manipulates what is familiar to us and in his hidden film shows us things behaving in curious ways.

Katharina Lackner/AT, Clemens Bauder/AT, Sam Bunn/AT