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12. April 2011

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12. – 17. April 2011

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date: 12.04.2011 - 17.04.2011

within the crossing europe filmfestival Linz

“Moving Stories” is an international cooperation project in the field of media art that aims to cross borders and probe innovative possibilities for dealing with the moving image. The European partner organizations from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Poland function here as laboratories and platforms, which is also honored and supported by the European Union with funding. The six film festivals and art institutions produce an art work with one artist each. In keeping with their artistic practice, the “moving” picture stories thus produced and presented now in 2011 demonstrate the broad spectrum of the moving image: this ranges from documentation, across fiction, to media-immanent investigations in linear, digital, and even interactive realizations.

The contribution from the OK “Offenes Kulturhaus”, Rainer Gamsjäger with Cluster, was presented during Crossing Europe 2010.


Candice Breitz /SA/DE

The Character

Video, HDV 22´´Loop, sound
2010 presented by EMAF (European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, Germany)

Fifteen children (aged between 11 and 16) from a school located in the suburbs of Mumbai were asked to watch a Bollywood movie prominently featuring a child character. Each child was then asked individually to verbally portray the fictional child in the movie that she/he had watched. The fifteen children portrayed in Moving Stories offer a range of insights into the role played by ‘the child’ (as character and as spectator) in mainstream Indian cinema.

Candice Breitz born in Johannesburg /SA 1972, lives and works in Berlin /DE.



Guardare se stessi guardarsi
[ Watching yourself watching yourself ]

3-Channel-Video-Installation, HDV/DVD Pal 8´ Loop, sound
2010 presented by INVIDEO by aiace (Milan, Italy)

Guardare se stessi guardarsi (Watching yourself watching yourself) is a multiple-screen video installation focused on the relationship between sound and image. The camera lingers on the image of a beautiful piano abandoned in a disused factory. Suddenly the piano is hit by several rifle shots. On another screen an image of female hands trying to compose melancholic music with what is left of the musical instrument gives a feeling of violence and powerlessness. On the third screen, the smallest one, you can see impressive images of wild wolves in their natural environment.

MASBEDO Nicolo Massazza (born in Milan in 1973) and Lacopo Bedogni (born in Sarzana in 1970) is an artistic duo of living and working in Milan/IT.


Mihai Grecu /RO

Under the Centipede Sun

Video-Installation, HDV 10´ Loop, sound,
2010 presented by Vidéoformes (Clermont-Ferrand, France)

A portrait of a no man’s land: burnt and sterile, the landscapes contain the traces of an invisible war. While still fresh in these places’ memories, this unknown war is like a demon from the past which has left its marks all over the place, creating post-destruction sculptures. There are no human combatants, only machinery; some of it lying dead, like a scar on the landscape, some caught in a mysterious choreography. This theatre of post-destruction takes place in an almost unearthly landscape, beautiful and barren. The geography changes, it mixes with an artificial post-traumatic topography.

Mihai Grecu born in Romania 1981. lives and works in France.


Nicolas Provost /BE


Video-Projektion, HDV 4´, Loop sound
2010 presented by Contour Mechelen vzw (Mechelen, Belgium)

The new short fiction film by Nicolas Provost is made completely out of stock footage. This is normally used as illustrative material in a very sober way. Provost wants to show that stock footage can have an aesthetic and cinematic value and that it can tell a story. The film starts with an off-screen dialog between a young couple, ready to embark on a romantic adventure. What happens next? Provost tells their story using nothing but stock footage exterior shots of a Boeing plane flying towards a sunset.

Nicolas Provost born in Belgium 1969, lives and works in Brussels/BE.


Paweł Janicki /PL


Interactive Installation
2010 presented by WRO ART CENTER

“Oceanus” is an installation allowing interactive narration based on a variational scenario and an authoring software tool created by the artist. The work refers to the concept of navigating the sea. Notions such as marking out courses and sea sailing are transposed into the media environment and provide the metaphors that drive the installation. They enable travel across the universe of “Oceanus” and provide a natural co-existence between the linear narration, associated with sequential events, and interactive narration, related to the modifiable structures, altered by choices and generative processes.

Paweł Janicki born in Poland in 1974. Lives and works in Wrocław /PL.



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Under the Centipede Sun: Mihai Grecu, 2010
Under the Centipede Sun: Mihai Grecu, 2010
Under the Centipede Sun: Mihai Grecu, 2010
Under the Centipede Sun: Mihai Grecu, 2010
Untitled Nicolas: Provost, 2010
Untitled Nicolas: Provost, 2010
Untitled Nicolas: Provost, 2010
Untitled Nicolas: Provost, 2010
Oceanus Pawel: Janichi, 2010
Oceanus Pawel: Janichi, 2010
The Character: Candice Breitz, 2010
The Character: Candice Breitz, 2010
Watching yourself watching yourself: Masbedo, 2010/2011
Watching yourself watching yourself: Masbedo, 2010/2011
Watching yourself watching yourself: Masbedo, 2010/2011
Watching yourself watching yourself: Masbedo, 2010/2011