About OÖ Kulturquartier

OÖ Kulturquartier

Located right in the heart of Linz, the OK Offenes Kulturhaus together with the Landeskulturzentrum Ursulinenhof form a lively cultural setting known as the OÖ Kulturquartier, a place for adventurous and enterprising regional culture and international art and festival highlights. Visitors find here a wide range of spaces and opportunities for experience, complemented by a selection of original restaurants and cafés. In 2020, the OÖ Kulturquartier merged with the OÖ Landesmuseum to create the OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH, further enriching the culture scene in Upper Austria and beyond with innovative, interdisciplinary and target-group-oriented projects.

The Upper Austrian Culture Quarter is the space of action and home base for regional cultural associations!

Ursulinenhof has long been a multifaceted platform for regional culture and preserves this “service character”. The diverse activities of all the partners in the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter are interlinked and better harmonized with one another. All the associations, the press club, but also the Ursuline Church and the restaurants are invited into join in the choir – so that it sounds more beautiful and can be better heard. From the start, the goal is not to make “separate” programs, but to actively seek cooperation with partners in the Culture Quarter.

The Upper Austrian Culture Quarter is a platform for regional culture that takes pleasure in experimentation!

Programs (whether separate programs or in cooperation with the associations) are facilitated and developed, which which engage with the “region of Upper Austria” in innovative, original and unusual ways.

The Upper Austrian Culture Quarter is a large-scale cultural education project!

Major interdisciplinary exhibitions address a wide audience in aesthetically sophisticated ways. It is a cultural education program that seeks to gain new target groups for art.

The Upper Austrian Culture Quarter is art at the doorstep in public space!

Special attention is devoted to the courtyards in the new Culture Quarter. We open up a free space for aesthetic experiences, an oasis in the city, where we can appeal to new target groups and make culture more accessible.

The Upper Austrian Culture Quarter is an international art and festival center – Upper Austria’s art-window to the world!