Folke Köbberling, Martin Kaltwasser DE/US


Wassertürme / Water Towers, 2012
4 objects, wooden construction of existing materials

The "transformation" and "recycling" of materials are procedures of a contemporary understanding of art. The bridge by Atelier Bow Wow has also been changed in this sense: following additions to the bridge last year, now there are subtractions and transformations. Parts of the bridge from Höhenrausch/Thrill of the Heights have been disassembled and rebuilt into water towers. Martin Kaltwasser and Folke Köbberling develop intervention models for urban space, where they re-use existing structures, thus questioning the familiar way of dealing with urban architecture in subtle, often humorous ways. The skyline of Linz is altered with the construction of the water towers, recalling associations with the city of New York.

Folke Köbberling (*1969 in Kassel /DE) & Martin Kaltwasser (*1965 in Münster /DE) live and work in Berlin /DE.