Wolfgang Georgsdorf

"Smeller 1.0", 1996/2012
Functional Sculpture
Organ of smells that can be manually/mechanically played and controlled

An organ of smells invites composing and experimenting: the artist Wolfgang Georgsdorf from Linz, who has been living in Berlin for many years, brings two versions of his organ of smells to OK: the analogue version "Smeller 1.0" from 1996, with 30 channels that can be manually operated, and the newly developed digital "Smeller 2.0".

"Smeller 2.0", 1996-2012
Functional sculpture
Olfactory recording and playing instrument

"Smeller 2.0" is a functional sculpture, a real organ, an olfactory-kinetic art device for composing, staging, programming, recording, storing and playing dramatic real-time compositions from hundreds of thousands of smells and chords of smells, including a notation system for writing down olfactory films.

Wolfgang Georgsdorf * 1959 in Linz, lives and works in Berlin. http://georgsdorf.com