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12. December 2013

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  • Maria Falkinger
    Marketing / Presse
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press information from: 12.12.2013
date: 13.12.2013 - 02.02.2014
opening: 12.12.2013 - 19:00

EXTRA KINO is a projection space and moving picture theater, in which the meanwhile narrow boundary between media art, installation and cinema screening is probed.
The Concept by the film artist Siegfried A. Fruhauf brings elements of cinema, such as light, shadow, movement, but also film into the space, filling it with two program tracks focusing on works with moving cameras from the 1920s up to experimental film. Even the pauses become a play of light, turning the ascent into part of the illusion-machine of the cinema. The freely hanging screen is the platform from which the filmic image can take off.

Curators: Siegfried A. Fruhauf and Genoveva Rückert

EXTRA KINO programme overview

Bernd Oppl’s installation emptiness of attention, 2012 marks the entrance to this year’s EXTRA KINO. The first film studio, Black Maria by Thomas Alva Edison, was a rotatable, simple black box, where the top could be opened up to allow as much sunlight as possible to reach the light-sensitive film material. In his installation, Bernd Oppl refers to Buster Keaton’s short film One Week, 1920, where it was already possible to rotate a prefabricated house. The camera on the inside of the installation transmits the inside of the rotating model into the exhibition space.

Bernd Oppl
Emptiness of Attention, 2012
MDF, Motor, Kamera/MDF, motor, camera
70 x 88 x 42 cm
Sockel/Base: MDF, diverse Elektronik/MDF, electronics
70 x 42 x 42 cm
Courtesy: Galerie Krinzinger / AT

Bernd Oppl *1980 in Innsbruck, lives and works in Vienna / AT.

13 December 2013 – 8 January 2014
PROGRAMME 1 - Travel Logs and Rotations

A journey is, not least of all, the experience of moving oneself in, around and through space. Phenomena of spatial perception are experienced through a camera eye no longer bound to human movements. The mobile camera becomes a means of conquering space, which is always also bound to time.

Jacques Percontet
Uishet, 2005 – 2007
Video, 4:3
Farbe, Ton/Colour, sound, 13’

Lotte Schreiber
I.E. (site 01-isole eolie), 2004
Video, BETA SP
Farbe und S/W, Ton/Colour and B/W, sound, 8’46’’
Verleih/Distribution: sixpackfim, Wien / AT

Johanna Domke
Sleepers, 2007
Farbe, Ton/Colour, sound, 12’31’’

Bernd Oppl
Delay Room, 2011
Digital Video
S/W, ohne Ton/B/W, silent, 5’44’’

Passage, 2012
Digital Video
Farbe, ohne Ton/Colour, silent, 2’11’’
Courtesy: Galerie Krinzinger / AT

Jan Machacek
In the Mix, 2008
Video, Betacam SP PAL
S/W, Ton/B/W, sound, 4’16’’
Verleih/Distribution: sixpackfim, Wien / AT

Martin Reinhart
35 mm Film
Farbe, Ton/Colour, sound, 4‘24

Sergio Prego
Home, 2002
Digital Video Farbe, Ton/Colour, sound, 5’26

Bug Permutations, 2010
Digital Video
Farbe, Ton/Colour, sound, 3’10

10 January – 2 February 2014
PROGRAMME 2 - Phantom Rides

Experiencing the world in a literal sense: the first tracking shots were created by mounting the camera on trains or ships. Camera techniques today allow for the most adventurous perspectives. What is alluring about them, however, is still based on a fascination like that triggered by a camera movement in the early days of film.

Claude Lelouch
C’était un Rendezvous, 1976
Film 1.85:1
Farbe, Ton/Colour, sound, 10‘

Ken Jacobs
The Georgtown Loop, 1997
35 mm & 16 mm Film
S/W, ohne Ton/B/W, silent, 11‘

Johann Lurf
Endeavour, 2010
Video, DV-NTSC, 4:3
Farbe, Ton/Colour, sound, 16‘
Verleih/Distribution: sixpackfim, Wien / AT

Ivan Ladislav Galeta
PiRaMidas, 1972-1984
16 mm Film
Farbe/Colour, 10‘

Holztrifft und Flößerei im Mölltal in Kärnten (Filmarchiv), 1920
S/W, ohne Ton/B/W, silent, 7‘

Kurt Kren
Underground Explosion, 1969
16 mm Film
Farbe, Ton/Colour, sound, 5‘07‘‘
Verleih/Distribution: sixpackfim, Wien / AT

Exhibition: 13th of December 2013 till 2nd of February 2014
(closed on 24th and 31st of December)
Daily 4 pm – 9 pm
Ticket 2,- Euro, with Moviemento ticket free


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